I've been there, too...

I understand how you feel because I’m a working mom with two young childrenjuggling to find life’s perfect balance of being the best mom and wife, and succeeding in my career, without sacrificing time with my family or having mom guilt.


It was the Summer that my daughter was turning 2 years old when we enrolled her in her first dance class. A mommy and me class, that was scheduled once a week on Saturday mornings.

It was during that time that I had taken on a listing with a seller who strongly suggested I hold an open house the next Saturday - because she believed that the home would sell that day.


In the past, before my daughter was born, I was happy to hold open houses for sellers. As a way to market their home and meet new prospective buyers.


But as the weekends started filling up with family fun events, it was getting tougher to pull me away from family to go work.


I held the open house.


But I missed my daughter’s dance class that Saturday morning - the one that I was supposed to be at with her because it’s a mommy and me class.

Talk about mom guilt! I felt like a terrible mother for missing her class. 


I constantly felt the pressure of being pulled in too many directions at one time. 

Being a new mom brought a ton of new responsibilities to my life that I never knew existed.


I quickly learned that time was no longer unlimited, with children in the picture. I was exhausted trying to work during the pockets of my day, just so I could have more quality time with my family, and then ended up working during family time anyway when a customer called.


It was at that moment, I had decided I no longer wanted to trade my family hours for dollars.


I wanted to be included in making those special memories with my family. 

After all, isn’t this what life is all about?


But, how was I going to do that when I was taught to find new customers through open houses, cold calling, and door knocking, which was better to do outside of the Monday through Friday 9 to 5 business hours? 


How was I going to compete with all the other agents who were available on the weekends and evenings?


I had a baby at home that I wanted to care for and provide for and I was constantly worried about how to find my next customerwhere my next paycheck was coming from, and how I was going to make it all happen, with very limited time (and sleep!).


I knew there had to be a better way to be a successful real estate agent AND mom, without feeling burned out on both ends.


So, I started searching the internet for answers on how to generate real estate leads online.


I spent countless hours learning and investing thousands of dollars into my business.

I invested in coaching to sharpen my skills and scripts.


I developed well-thought-out plays to generate new leads online, without holding open houses, cold calling or door knocking, and a plan to cultivate a strong foundation of loyal customers, with templates, checklists, and calendars to keep everything moving forward.


And then, I started putting the plans into action and I began to see results, instantly

My text messages and DM’s were ringing, and my inbox was filling up with offers. 


Through trial and error, coaching guidance, and a ton of hard work with a positive attitude to keep going and figure this out, I was finally able to develop a game plan that worked.


I only wish that someone had given me this blueprint to follow years ago before I googled until my fingernails broke!


I was no longer feeling stressed about where my next sale and paycheck would come from, because with a clear path in place I knew where to turn to get new leads, and what to say to engage them into becoming lifelong customers


The best part? I didn’t have to sacrifice my family time to do it.


In other words, I could now breathe a sigh of relief.


Along the way, I’ve learned you really can’t do it all - it's not humanly possible. But I’ve learned that you can live your life on your terms when you have a strategy with the right tools to execute it.


And that is what I have to offer you. 


I want to share my custom-scripted templates and essential training with you, so you have a planned path that’s clear and simple to execute, at your disposal.

I've curated the sources and knowledge from 15 years of experience selling real estate to provide you the most effective practices and tips to use in your own business.


Having this allows you the freedom to be with your family when you want to.


You’ll be on your way to finding more engaging leads online and within your community of influence, who will be primed to become your customers, and you’ll be the next Referral Agent of your community!


You'll have a competitive edge and stand out from the crowd against the sea of other agents because you won't be doing what everyone else is doing.


You’ll build a real estate business that serves you and your family, instead of you serving your business. 


Most importantly, you’ll never have to miss a school field trip or your child’s doctor’s appointment, or in my case, a dance class, again!


The Referral Agent is your complete source to build your real estate business online and sell more homeswithout compromising your time with your family.


If you’re a real estate agent, struggling with finding leads or converting them into customers and selling more homes because you have very limited time to spend, and want to find a better way to do all of this, then please join me inside The Referral Agent membership.


I'll see you there!